Disaster Management Camps

It's a single storey structure.


Width Minimum 1820 mm to maximum 9100 mm.
Length Minimum 3640 mm. No limit to maximum length.
Height Single Storey Double Storey
2850 mm Not Applicable
External & Internal walls 50 mm thick rolled formed EPS sandwich panels.
Roofing Slanting on both sides, 50mm thick rolled formed sandwich panels. Outer side of roof is trapezoidal PPGI sheet, inside is ribbed PPGI sheet.
External doors Steel door frames with single skin doors of size 900 x 2000 mm.
Internal doors Steel door frame with sandwich panel door of size 750 x 2000 mm.
Windows Aluminium sliding windows of size 1740 x 925 mm on front and back side.
Canopy Single corrugated steel sheets on front side.
Electrical fittings Provision of electrical fittings depending on users requirement.