Single-Malt "Watch": Urwerk Teams Up With The MacallansharetweetshareWe've always known that many aficionados of fine replica watches will also be fans of high-end spirits, particularly single-malt Scotch. Now, as a result of a collaboration between avant-garde Swiss watch brand Urwerk and also the whisky maestros with the Macallan, well-traveled fans of both replica watches and Scotches can carry their whiskies in a high-tech flask made particularly with them in your mind high quality replica omega watches .The Urwerk X Macallan FlaskThe Macallan X Urwerk Flask, an assignment that took 2 years to come to fruition, has quite a few mechanical functions harking back to those made for Urwerk's unconventional timepieces by Urwerk co-founder and chief designer Martin Frei. Composed of at the very least 156 total parts, the flask is made of machined aluminum , titanium, and stainless; its "scaled" surface echoes those of Urwerk's recently released UR-105 "T-Rex" model.The Macallan X Urwerk Flask, a fixed edition of 500 pieces, consists of 156 parts.Urwerk X Macallan Flask - concept sketchThe flask is rightly explained its inventors as both "critically useable and highly collectible." Its cap has a hidden, connecting arm with hidden, 1-mm "ball clickers," which click when completely open. The ball snaps to a small recess to carry the cap open even though the precious contents inside are now being poured; no longer worries about losing the cap or holding it with the fingers while pouring. Two hinged winglets in the base is usually deployed to make a indicate the flask thus it could be stabilized on the table and other surface mens watches . (Check out the video below to get a detailed check out the way the flask's mechanical parts work.)https://www.watchtime.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Urwerk-Mechanical-Hip-Flask-For-The-Macallan-Single-Malt-Whisky watches .mp4Even better, online resources this flask does not have to settle on merely one of his favorite whiskies to bring with him on his travels. The Macallan X Urwerk flask contains two titanium tanks that allow two different expressions being carried simultaneously. A cleverly designed, spring-loaded mouthpiece made of stainless steel enables the owner to interchange between the two tanks. Urwerk also applied its watchmaking expertise to build the "cask indicators," designed to use rotating wheels to showcase the age and wood form of both whiskies in the tanks.The flask's two titanium tanks may be used to store two different whiskies.The Macallan X Urwerk Flask is bound to only 500 pieces, coming in at 1,995 euros, and can be purchased with the Macallan's website, www.themacallan.comin the event you would like to snap one up on your day at Baselworld.MerkenMerkensharetweetshare replica breitling chronospace watch
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