PERMAVENT is an acronym coined from permanent ventilation. It provides a weathered opening in the roof to allow hot vitiated air to escape from the building which brings in cool fresh air throuh the low level inlet openings.

The Permavent Matrix ventilators can be sized to suit ventilation requirements and building constraints. Standard width is 2500mm. Any length is possible subject to start and end at a structural member (purlin).

Mounting is designed to suit all common roof sheet profiles including standing seam as well as older cement sheet (big six) profiles making it an ideal retrofit option. It can also be mounted along the ridge on a upstand.

The louvres blades are profiled to form a venturi to reduce pressure drop and placed in a double layer MATRIX which provide complete weather protection. The unit is designed to deflect wind over the opening creating an aspirating affect improving its performance.

Permavent Matrix lets in diffused light without glare leading more appealing conditions inside the building.

Permavent has been designed to survive wind speed of 180 kmph (50 m/sec) which translates to a pressure of 2.039 kN/m2. Loads imposed on roof structure are well distributed to the supports, normally at purlins and the maximum support reactions assuming purlin spacing of 1500 mm are: Uplift: 1.56 kN ; Downforce: 1.20 kN ; Horizontal Thrust: 1.10 kN

Permavent is currently offered in all popular roofing material such as Galvalume / Galvanised / Aluminium in bare or color coated finish. Bespoke material and finishes can be offered to meet specific needs of corrosion resistance or looks.

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