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What are Pre-fabricated Houses?

Pre-fabricated houses, often referred to as prefab homes, are so called because they are primarily manufactured in advance off site, then delivered and assembled at site.

  • An outer framework of light steel cold roll formed sections.
  • Insulated Sandwich panels for internal/external wall and roof.
  • Modular series components and nut- bolts that connects the various parts.

The pre-fabricated houses provide many opportunities to upgrade shelters for frequent use such as a temporary site office, staff accommodation, canteens and school etc. The standard 'K' housing enables fast production and easy installation, without extensive field operation.

Pre-fabricated housing is considered as a economy-cost solution for temporary housing. These houses not only provide environmental protection, but are also good energy savers.

pre febricated house

The Standard ‘K’ Series Building

The standard 'K' house specifications for length and width are calculated in multiples of 'K', with 'K' as modulus (K = 1.82m) and 'P' as modulus for height (P = 0.95m).

The length and width of the house can be planned with multiples of 'K'.

The least multiple is 2K. The height of a regular single storey is 3P, double storey is 6P and triple storey is 9P.

The roof truss, columns and corridors of standard 'K' houses are made of 'C' type and 'H' type light steel framework. The wall and roof panels are made of sandwich panels. The front and rear part of the house can be fixed with doors and windows on the modular panels.

Design Parameters

1 Roof Dead Load 30 kg/m2
2 Roof Live Load 50 kg/m2
3 Floor Dead Load 50 kg/m2
4 Floor Live Load 200 kg/m2
5 Wind Speed 140 and 170 kms/hr