SUROJ is a well-managed team of skilled workers, striving to achieve the same common goal of bringing value even with its own customized products and services. As a team SUROJ exists more than a decade. It has been a clear growth in the infrastructure of this new millennium to be able to establish its place in the pre-Fab industry, by delivering successful products - from single floor to double floor sites in hilly and urban areas, from guard houses, workers' colonies to luxury homes etc.

These products are flexible and portable. Big needs can be easily delivered and installed anywhere in India as well as abroad.

Our Planning

An early and deliberate decision is made for the best implementation of our ideas according to the requirements of our clients with the help of 3 principles that is

  • Greener
  • Faster
  • Smarter

Our Strategy

  • Providing a High Level of Service - By incorporating the latest production methods and techniques, SUROJ is able to design, Integrate and Manufacture all products to meet the expectations of our customer’s.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships - We are committed to build long-term, value-added relations, beyond customer expectations. We do this as, we have a clear understanding of our customers need, which is an integral part of the contract award process.
  • Forward, innovative and flexible thinking- Our new modular solutions are designed to the highest standards. By delivering fully suited modules to the site, the need to trade with a variety of sites is reduced and not hampered by adverse weather conditions that allow for faster delivery and financial recovery.

Quality Control

  • Material Quality Assessment
  • Checklist for Quality Control
  • Materials Inspection and Storing Securely
  • Effective Communication